Getting Started

Getting started at MyParis is easy!

If you have an existing website then moving it to MyParish is quick.  We take the existing information and migrate it into the new website.  If you own an existing URL (e.g. then we can redirect that to point at the new website. Or we can depreciate the old website to save you money.

If this is your first website I’ll build it from an existing generic template and show you how to customise the information. Or, I can customise it for you!

From signing up to MyParish the entire process of creating your new website takes about a week.


Initial Cost

The initial cost for establishing the website is $495.00AU. This cost covers

• hosting for one year
• establishment of your domain
• re-pointing your existing domain (if necessary)
• establishing a site skeleton (if necessary)
• data transfer (if necessary)

The initial setup cost can be deferred if necessary, or defrayed over a number of payments. I’m happy to work out a scheme that suits your budget and finances.

Yearly Cost

There is also a low annual cost with covers the maintenance of the website. It defrays the work common to maintaining all the websites, as well as covering the cost of small tasks I do for parishes (which I often do pro bono). This cost increases yearly with CPI (inflation) and/or the rise in cost of hosting (every effort is undertaken to keep hosting costs down).